Why Book a Maternity Session?

I know. I get it. The truth is that when we are expecting, we don't always feel beautiful. We feel big. We feel uncomfortable. We just do not feel like ourselves. Our minds will trick us into thinking that because we do not feel beautiful that we should not celebrate this momentous milestone. Our passage into motherhood is HUGE! Our bodies aren't the only thing that changes. Our lives, our hearts, and everything we once knew about love will change forever! Below are the TOP 3 Reasons that you SHOULD document your journey into motherhood with a maternity photo session.

Reason #1 Memories to Share

your kids want these memories to share with you

Your children will one day be old enough to share these memories with. You can share the time they were in mommy's belly. You can snuggle up close with your maternity photo album, flip through the pages together and recall the moments when they kicked during the session. The pictures of your growing belly will spark conversation of your journey into motherhood with the stories of finding out you were expecting, to celebrating their gender reveal and their birth story!

Reason #2 Pregnancy IS Beautiful

Despite what you feel, you are GORGEOUS

Nothing is more gorgeous than a glowing mama-to-be. While we don't see ourselves at our best, it just isn't true! Your skin is glowing, your hair is full, and there is no joy like the joy that radiates from expecting mama's!
Your maternity photoshoot captures not only your changing body but the beauty of what only women can do. That is to create LIFE!

#3 You will Regret Not Having a Maternity Photo Session

this time with your kids is so important

I know it may not seem like it now, but down the road 5...10.. maybe 15 years, you will wish you would have had your maternity session. I know because I didn't have one. It wasn't a big thing when I was pregnant. But the truth is, 9 months is a short span of time in your life. As time passes, you will forget the changes you went through and you will wish you would have documented your pregnancy with a maternity photoshoot.

Book your maternity photo session

Don''t hesitate when debating if you should have a maternity photo shoot. It IS important. It is your story and your journey into motherhood whether it is your first child or fourth! Remember to book your session early to ensure your photographer will have date available for you. The BEST time to schedule a maternity photo session is between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy. Your bump should be nice and round and you should feeling pretty good around this time of your pregnancy! Include your spouse, partner and children! This makes for some magical moments you do not want to miss out on. Your memories are everything and your legacy will live on!

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