Hi, I am Kara Beatty.

I am a storyteller that captures moments meant to be framed and shared for generations. I believe in the magic of photography. One moment frozen in time can elicit so many emotions from the first time you see it and again 30 years down the road. I offer a full service boutique photography experience. We will be together every step of the way! I want to hear your needs and plan the perfect experience for you. By the time your session arrives you will feel at ease knowing that your family's story will be captured with the utmost care. After the session, we will meet and order the perfect wall art for your home so you can display your artwork proudly for years to come!

Photography is the gift we not only give to ourselves but to our family members. This year has been tough. I lost my cousin, my mom and my grandmother within 6 months of each other. With each passing, the first thing our family did was scour through all our family portraits.

The day after my mom passed, I had to get my grandmother settled in her house while my dad was battling COVID. She had moved in with my parents because she needed full time care. To keep my grandmother safe my dad set up for her to have 24 hour care at her home. My husband had to flown out to help me with all the things being thrown at me as I was the only one that could handle the paperwork side of my mom's passing and help my grandmother.

My grandmother has this one wall display in her small one bedroom home. It is of her favorite family portraits. My husband was looking at the wall when my 88 year old grandmother with dementia came over to him and started to tell the story of each portrait. Each portrait had all the people she loved in her life. My grandfather and his siblings as children, her mother and father's wedding portrait, and portraits of her kids and grandkids that she had collected over the years. At the end of the conversation, she stared and the wall with a tear in her eye and looked at me and said, "I love this wall." I knew what she meant and how it was more than just her loving that wall. It was the memories and people she proudly displayed and looked at everyday for years. She passed 10 days later. Everyone in the family wants those portraits because they have the stories and memories to pass down to their own families.

I want everyone to have a "wall to love." A place for their families wall art to hang, to showcase, and to cherish for a lifetime.



Kara was very friendly and professional!!! She did an amazing job directing me and my husband for our maternity shoot !!! The photos came out amazing everyone always compliments them .. I can’t wait for her to shoot our new born when she arrives ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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