Kelsi and Jessie's Wedding

When your friend Barbara (Barbara Lundahl Photography) messages you, "We have a wedding to shoot!" You do not turn it down! Every time we get together we have a blast. Kelsi and Jessie's wedding was no exception to the rule! It was a day and night filled with so much love but even more laughter!

Their wedding was held at the gorgeous venue of Pine Lake Ranch Wedding and Event Venue and the views did not disappoint. Everything from the amazingly beautiful tree and cozy bridal suite was just right for this couple! The dress, flowers, the cake and everything in between was perfection.

The day started with the parties getting ready and spending time with their friends. A few hours before the wedding, Kelsi and Jessie stepped out for a private moment. The held hands and read each other precious notes. Even though you could tell they wanted to see each other, they never peeked. A moment of tears, laughter and sweet sweet memories were made.

Once the wedding started, all could witness the love this couple has for one another. What we noticed throughout the night was that it wasn't a boastful love. It wasn't a love that was overly affectionate. It was truly a love and deep bond that could be seen. It was the smiles they exchanged, the nicknames they called each other, and the way they looked at one another through the night that let you know that this union was once to stand the test of time.

After the ceremony, and formal picture time was over, the party began! And what a night of celebrating! This group sure knew how to party and DJ Ivan Ent did an amazing job and choosing just the right songs for the crowd!

The night ended with a private dance for the newly weds and a sparkler exit. After a night at this wedding, you know fairytales do come true. Congratulations to Kelsi and Jessie!