A Shift in Focus

A Vision Blurred

I started my photography business 9 years ago not knowing or even believing that I would still be in business 9 years later. I started this business not knowing much, learning everything by trial and error, reading blogs, talking to other photographers and really just letting the journey take me some where. I didn't have a vision or path I wanted to take. Photography was just something I loved. Something I knew made me feel happy. I feel so much joy when the families I worked with would freak out over their images. I loved all photography! Bright and airy. Dark and moody. Classic and timeless. Family, Newborn. Weddings. I wanted to do it all! I wanted all the people to want me to capture their moments!

It wasn't until my mother's passing that I realized that I have been spending all my free time freezing time for others, that I had been missing out on making my own memories with my family. My vision had become blurred. Trying to do it all was also taking all my time. Something I once loved had now become a task. I was occupying all my time with photography to escape all the sadness I felt losing my mom. I needed it to feel happy again. But it just wasn't working.

I decided to do some education on photography. I took multiple courses. I am not afraid to say I have failed all of them. They geared more to the business side of things and I am not ashamed to say I am NOT a business person. While this is an area of growth, it has led me to a clearer vision of what I want for my business. Who I want to work with. What type of photography fulfills me and the style of photography that fits me.

I took time the past few years to really find me. You see, it is easy to lose yourself when your life is busy. When you are a wife, mother, teacher and photographer, the day to day tasks drown you. One day you look up and you don't remember you. You know who you are or what you need to be for everyone else. But can you sit with you and recognize your thoughts and feelings? For me, my sadness and daily noise made it easy to ignore me. This affected every aspect of my life without me even knowing. All the way down to photography.

Now. I can answer questions I could never before. I want to document all the things motherhood/parenthood for my clients. Why? Because losing my mom took a part of my soul. When she was gone, all I had left were memories. There will never be enough pictures. BUT each picture will be forever treasured. I can hear her laugh when I see an image of her laughing. I can hear her call my name. I can remember our silliness. The pictures of motherhood and fatherhood aren't just for you. They are for your children. There is one sure fact in life and that is we all get older . We often think the memories are for us but it is more for who we pass them down to.

I want to work with people that understand the value of photography. That believe in the power of a photograph. They believe that 20 years down the road that image can evoke all the emotions from that lifetime. I want my clients to know that imperfection is perfection. That a crying child at a photoshoot is just a memory that they can look back on in 10 years and share that story with their child. I want to work with clients who become friends. They believe that I want to document this time for them to the best of my abilities and care about their investment. Lastly. I want to work with clients that understand that they and their families are artwork. They should be proudly displayed in their homes.

I have found my voice. I have never been showy. I like to blend in and be invisible most of the time. I love and hate attention all at the same time. I am a smartass. I can't help it. It has been passed down. I love to joke but I am also quiet. I am the definition of an introverted extrovert. How does this relate to photography? I have learned that in trying to keep up with trends and the very cute and prop heavy photography, I had lost me. Although I love this type of photography and think it is adorable, it just wasn't something I felt I did well. I could never be great at something that doesn't reflect me.

During the time I have taken to explore, learn, and experiment. I found what I had been missing. White and Neutral themed photography. It is simple. It is clean. It is classic. It looks elegant and beautiful printed and hanging on walls. My excitement is back and feel like I have finally found the style that reflects who I want to be as an artist.

Thank you to everyone who has been along with me on this journey. It has not been easy. My mom who got me started. She helped me start my business. My husband for the encouragement and prayers. My mother-in-law for planting the seed years before I knew it was ever a possibility. My kids for being my inspiration and giving me the gift of motherhood. My clients- some of you have stuck with me through this entire ride. You are all cherished! Without all of you, I would never have found a passion that not only ignites my heart but serves others for generations!